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All change on Olympic Holidays Manchester flight times.

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Here we go again. Manchester flights with Germania at 8am on Tuesdays and returns at 3.35pm has once again been changed. 06.15 am with Small Planet and return moved to 1.10pm again with Small Planet.
So glad we booked a night in a hotel the night before. Have to inform car parking company and our hire car of change (yet again).

I've used Jet2 again. Goods times, leaves east mids at 15:00 so I arrive Heraklion at 21:00 jump into Zach's taxi and reach Plakias, Stella, around 23:00 ish, just in time for a good nights sleep and maybe a beer. The return flight leaves Heraklion at 22:00 giving me a 'full' last day!


Mike G:
Same for Gatwick in May. When I originally booked it was Germania both ways. A couple of weeks ago it was changed to easyJet outward and Enter Air (Polish apparently) on the return and I checked in with easyJet. Flight times within a couple of hours of each other. Today Olympic have said I am back with Germania. No Germania tickets though.

I'm confused.

 Barny, Please tell me you are not going to have a beer with your breakfast - your last post mentions a good nights sleep and maybe a beer. In the words of Morecambe & wise, you have all the right ideas, but not neccessarily in the right order!

We have had the flight change email too for Manchester in August. At least we live only 5 miles from the airport, so no major hassle. I have had worse changes. Bonus is that we should get to Plakias in time for a trip to the Far End.

I do feel for those travelling further. Have a good sleep on the flight.



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