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Alianthos Garden Hotel


Heading back to the Alianthos Garden hotel, just noticed on their Facebook page they have been doing some work in the reception / bar area...seems like a big revamp, can't wait to see what it looks like !

has anyone stayed here since the season opened ? I'm waiting to see the reception which has meant to have a full revamp!

I called in there in August for a drink and was amazed how good it looked. The staff at the bar were so friendly and helpful (as normal in Plakias) the revamp has made a big difference.


Can anyone help me find suitable accommodation dor two adults and a child with disability, we dont want a loud busy place, we want a pool also ans nice room.

We have booked 3 days at Preveli rooms so we can explore preveli beach and the forrest, has anybody stayed in preveli rooms? Do we need 3 days here to explore the beach and forrest?

Is easy to travel from Plakias to Preveli rooms? Can we reach the accommadation by bus?

Can anyone help with transport, we are landing at Heraklion Airport and need ro travel up to Plakias, preferably by bus we dont want ro spend over 100E on taxis as we are moving up through Rethymnon, Plakias and onto Stavros Chania, ant tips would be great.


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