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Tesco in Newcastle are selling bottles of Mythos 3for 5 can't be bad. 

Yes, it seems to be a normal offer for Tesco, I always have some in the fridge, and a couple of large Mythos glasses in the freezer, ready for dreaming of Plakias.
I have also seen the same deal in Morrisons.

Good stuff, but wouldn't be the same. Back in late May, can't wait for the real McCoy!
Cheers, Rich

It never tastes the same back home though !!!

I have bad news folks - Tesco has stopped selling Mythos !!!! I cannot find it at our local, and there is no mention on the Tesco website. Morrisons have also stopped, so the only option is Adnams brewery, but it is expensive plus delivery costs. Not sure I want to pay their price. My search will continue, and if I have any news I will post here. Likewise if anyone else has a ling, please post.
PS Bargain Booze list Mythos, but I am hard pressed to find a Bargain Booze shop, their website is out of date, and some shops that list are now closed!

PPS Fix is also wonderful, so any retail outlet selling Fix will get my custom as well.


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