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We have been considering our holiday options for 2016, Plakias? Lesvos? or Agios Nikolaos near Kalamata, Peloponnese. Price is a large consideration, so travelling with Thomas Cook again to Lesvos is out of the question as they want nearly 1000 for 1 week S/C for 2 people in late June. Plakias is an acceptable price for the same time and period, but as we will probably be there in October, two visits in 1 year could be called greedy. Agios Nikolaos is somewhere we have never visited, but the description of a small, quiet Greek fishing village, requiring a basic grasp of the language would appear to be exactly what we want. So, who goes there? Only Thomas Cook and Olympic. Thomas Cook have excelled themselves and want OVER 1000 for 1 week S/C for 2 people in late June, whereas Olympic, at a different accommodation are quoting on their website a price of 530 for the same week, but excluding transfers, which I can buy directly from the Taxi company for 100, so total 630. Good, I thought, a phone call to Olympic, let them see my numerous holidays with them each year for the past 20 years, and, hey presto, my friends and family discount (given freely for many years past) will reduce my costs some more, enough perhaps for travel insurance, or a few litres of wine with our meals out, but NO, Olympic offer loyalty points now, so how many hundreds of points do I have after all the past holidays I asked - none, nil, zero, nothing was the reply!!!! So much for Loyalty Points, perhaps there is a Trades Description breach? Olympic explained that points are only earned if the past holidays cost more than 300 per person, so there you have it, over a barrel, a bit unimpressed with Olympic, but heyho, off to Greece again.

If anyone has been to Agios Nikolaos before, any pointers would be gratefully received.

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OK......despite having spent more than 300 per person for more than a few years without any hint of a 'loyalty bonus' (and no vouchers in resort this year) I thought I'd be cheeky and challenge Olympic on their Black Friday deals........glad I did ! Nearly 300 off an original quote and now looking forward to three weeks in Plakias for the price of two....with that on offer I'd even consider putting up with the 3.5 hr transfer ! Nearly a year to wait but will be celebrating both our birthdays there in 2016 !!!!

Ooooh, what have I missed? Am I too late (no, jump up on the cart!)(apologies to Lonnie Donegan)
What time of year are you booked to go? We like to go in October, but this year the latest date is leaving Gatwick on 4th. October, a little earlier than previously, perhaps Olympic would do a deal for that week? Must try & 'phone them, but well done to you.

For years we've either spent my birthday or my husband's birthday in Plakias....this year we'll be there for anyone planning to be there between 7th and 27th Sept we'll see you at the pool bar. I responded to emails I was getting from Olympic but you never many others they may have extended Black Friday in to Black 'the next ten days' is always worth trying and being cheeky...especially if you have booked with them before.


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