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Plakias Map not working - Google Maps says......

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Administrator or someone with authorization ......

"KML content isn't available in Google Maps

While using Google Maps, you might have received a notification saying "Some custom on-map content could not be displayed."

Thatís because a certain type of content isnít available anymore in the classic version of Google Maps or in maps embedded on other websites from the classic version of Maps. The content type thatís no longer available is KML, the file format Google Earth uses for the exchange of geographic information.

If you're the owner of a custom map with KML content, you need to update your content. Or, you can import your KML content into My Maps."

Please can someone fix this?

Still not working - or is it just my PC. Anybody else?

Me too.  Unfortunately I've just posted a new thread on this in Plak Chat without seeing this first.

Hmm yes I will take a look. Better late than never I suppose :-)

OK I have converted it to a Google 'My Map' and shared it.
Have changed the link above so it should now work.

Will now look to update it.


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