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The Great Plakias Forum Christmas Giveaway

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John R:
I think that in the interest if fairness there ought to be a high level skill question that only Plakias visitors can answer. I suggest - was that photo sunrise or sunset :) I have no idea myself as I'm still in bed at sunrise and indoors drinking at sunset :))

Wow!! and double Wow!! - I thought everyone (except perhaps the moaners) had gone into hibernation for the winter months. Loads of people visiting the site I see, but not much to say. It's amazing what a little "giveaway" can do. Everyone is suddenly inspired to get typing again - Well done Ploppy - I'm not asleep yet - and neither is the Dragon at sunset. Keep on exercising those digits everyone. :)

OMG......who needs the X factor when the P Factor is supporting this amazing opportunity.........Stavros (our name for the dragon) in his element !.....forget Flog It......I'm in !!!!   I have to admit I thought everyone had gone in to hibernation !

Oh, Paul!  The dragon! How could I ever forget it!

Bill, I don't really eat chicken soup.


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