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The Great Plakias Forum Christmas Giveaway

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Yes we have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday but they have just been the warm-up to the spectacular event that is the first Plakias Forum Christmas Giveaway... Hurrah!

I have not one, not two but three of these beauties to give away:

With one of these beautiful (if slightly not level) key-rings you will; always have something on hand to remind you of happy Plakias days, never lose your keys again, be the envy of your friends, wonder how you survived all these years without one and become infinitely more attractive *

All you need to do to in order to stand a chance of achieving greatness is to post a response to this topic.

In the event of there being more than 3 responses I will randomly pick the select few.

When I hear you ask? Oooh I don't know, in a couple of weeks time so you can have it in time for Christmas.

Good Luck!
* These statements may not actually be based on fact

Mike from Sussex:
Wow! What a mega give-away. How do you do it without Wonga sponsorship?


It is true Mike, with these fererro rocher magnificent trinkets I am spoiling you.
But (he says, tossing his golden locks alluringly) you're worth it.

It is also indeed true that these items were procured at great personal expense (read Photobox special offer*)

With interest now flooding in I have decided that the winners will be announced on Tuesday 17th of December at 21:15 (if I remember and if Eastenders and Holby City don't over-run for some bizarre reason)

* Special Offer was for 'Credits', said 'Credits' don't included postage. In the case of these fine items, postage was way more than the items themselves! Calendars turned out excellent though.

They will, obviously become very collectable when Plakias, as predicted on this forum, goes down the pan!

I can see mine ( yes I'm a winner) on antiques roadshow in years to come. even though plakias will still be thriving. I wouldn't sell it though!



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