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road to loutra


hi. last time we visted plakias was 10 years ago. hope it has,nt changed much. Booked for 2 weeks 2013. reading forum it looks like there is a ferry link to gavdos any info please members. Also is it possable to drive to loutra from plakias again any info.    CHEERS :)

John R:
Apologies if this appears twice  - I thought I had replied a few minutes ago. In Plakias right now and just a few minutes ago returned from a drive to Sfakia.

No road to Loutro. You can walk after parking up at various locations near Sfakia. Best way is via boat from Sfakia - very short trip. I think there is or was a weekly trip to Gavdos from Plakias - vaguely remember seeing a poster. Might be too late in season now.

Drove down to Phoenix bay in a 4x4 from up above Sfakia. Top part is metalled but then turned into track. Very steep and interesting decent. Was only a short walk from Phoenix over the headland to Loutro. Much quicker using the ferry from Sfakia but probably not quite as exciting. I can hear the screams even now.


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