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cash in plakias

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Hi.  Im new to forum and arriving in Plakias soon and need some advise on how to get cash out in plakias.  Our friends always travel with the cash they need for the two weeks, but we tend to lose money and would prefer to load a travellers cheque card and withdraw as and when needed.  Is this possilble in Plakias?  Is there a bank?  We will also need to withdraw a large amount to pay for villa... Is there anyway we can do this without carrying cash to plakias?  Do the restaurants take debit cards or only cash also.  Many thanks

Hi, we were in Plakias three years ago and then there were no shortage of ATMs, I imagine this is still the case. So, simply draw cash from the ATM and pay for stuff with euros. However, be aware that most (all?) Greek ATMs restrict you to withdrawing no more than 300 euros a day so you might need to get your cash out by multiple daily visits.

Have a nice holiday!


Thanks for the reply Roger :)

Do most restaurants take debit cards or with the economy prefer cash?

Yes. There are four ATMs in Plakias but you need to be aware that they are regularly out of use, individually and together. Don't leave drawing money for your villa until the end of your stay. When I was there last year all four ATMs were out of money at the same time and people were having to travel to Spilli to get cash to pay their hotel bills. Always keep a few days' money in your wallet.


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