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I've recently finished drawing up a list of restaurants which I've settled on when I visit Plakias.  It's not a comprehensive list of all restaurants there, and the comments I make focus on features that are of importance to me.  In short, I've produced it purely for my own benefit.  But others, particularly those new to the resort, may find it useful as a quick overview of what is available in the way of places to eat out.


I've eaten at Sophia regularly over several years and have never had a problem with the meat. However, I only eat what is on display in the window - that's one of the reasons I go there; I like to see what I'm going to eat before it's served.
I agree the service is friendly. In 2011 Babbis and George were working there, both having been at Gorgona previously. They're both great guys.

Mike G:
Restaurant reviews are very subjective but I certainly agree that Mousses is the cheapest of the tavernas in Plakias and whilst it might not be the best in terms of quality it is one of the best and the staff are very friendly.

Last year both Mousses and Sifis often brought raki in a jug rather than a single small glass.

My limited experience of Medousa is that Babis always brings a glass of tap water with your meal.


Thanks Noopsey thats really helpful and has whetted my appetite for September.

Which taverna sells the best stifado?

Unsure of the greek translation of some of the tavernas - is there any chance these could be added?

Best wishes Nora

Hi Nora,
The best stifado we have had was at Lysseos restaraunt just by the bridge. Always one of the first meals we have in Plakias.
(Now resident in NSW Australia, hoping to return at some time in the future)


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