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Tapatalk Support Added


I have added Tapatalk support to the Forum.

Basically if you are using a smartphone, (i.e iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) you can have the forum served up in an easy to use way on your phone.

You could always look at the Forum via the Browser on your phone but that doesn't look great on the small screens.

More info can be found here

It generally is a Paid for App, though if you are an Android user you can get it free via GetJar.

Using TapaTalk now and the forum looks great. Thank you.

The GetJar link re free TapaTalk no longer works for everyones info so unless anyone knows an alternative free route you need to pay the 1.99.  Well worth it though.  Great app.  Thanks for enabling it on here.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2

As an FYI to everyone Tapatalk is now free.

For Android you can get it here:

Tapatalk 2 on Amazon
Tapatalk 4 Beta on Google Play

For those who insist on those Apple wotsits you can get it here:

Tapatalk on Apple App Store

Well worth the effort if you want to use the forum on your smartphone


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