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I've been aware for several years that the information on the 'Welcome to Plakias' site is out of date - and in places, just wrong! I kept promising myself I would get down to a complete update, and this message is to let you know that I've started work.
Ploppy and I had a lot of discussion about hosting etc - and you'll be aware that the site now sits on a new UK based server. We've also got this swish new forum - all credit to Ploppy, as I couldn't do it without him.
He kept the old site up and running for me while i worked on the new one. It's years since I tackled designing web pages, and I was so rusty I even stared an evening class to try to jog my memory. I'm surprised how things have changed since the site first went live in '98.
I finished my first go at two new pages today, and I hope you'll have a look at them for me, and let me know what you think. Comments on design and content are welcome, and suggestions on what I've done so far and what else is needed  would be much appreciated.
While I'm doing this work, I will keep the old site live, and put the new one at At first you'll just see links to the pages, then I'll pull it together as a site as things develop (and I remember how to do it!).
I know this is a cheeky way to develop a page, but I feel the strength of Welcome to Plakias is in the input from others!
Feel free to tell me what's bad (and good?) - message me through the board, respond here, or mail me:

Good to see you back on the forum.
The new site looks really nice: it has a "clean" feel to it.  The Links page is very useful.  A good job so far.  :)

Thanks Noopsy - it's good to be back. It's one of the many benefits of retirement. Life's been hectic for the last few years (although I always managed to get my Plakias visit in), but now I can take time to do what I really want.
I'm pleased you like the look - I wanted to get away from the blue and white, and make the whole thing cleaner and less cluttered. I always thought the Links page was important, and will hope to add to it as time goes on! Any suggestions?

What is the difference between sr member hero member ETC?


Dunno Barny - but you'll always be a hero to me!
I'm sure Ploppy will be able to fill us in.........


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