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plakias on the rocks:  

Hotel On The Rocks is on the way to Souda bay. Consists of 4 double and 2 triple rooms. All rooms have air conditioning and fridge. Sunbeds and umbrellas are supplied free of charge. Our costumers have a 10% discount price on breakfast. The hotel provides free wireless Internet access in the area of cafe bar...view our photo gallery & other amasing photos from south crete Plakias, Souda, Mirthios, Triopetra, Gavdos, flowers of the area, Sunsets etc..  


plakias on the rocks:
fresh photos from Souda Plakias ..enjoy !

[attachment=720:sunset01.JPG] [attachment=721:sunset09.JPG] [attachment=722:sunset18.JPG]

Thanks Nikos, keep those nice pics going.


Fantastic photos, I can't wait to get there in 2 weeks time  


plakias on the rocks:
..  so hot in here!   30 C today!



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