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How did you first find Plakias?

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Hi all,
I don't know if this is interesting but how did you all find out about Plakias?
Did you just stumble across it in a travel agent or what?

My story starts when myself and a friend and our partners decided we wanted to go away for a break the four of us so we sent the girls off to find a holiday while we syayed in the pub!
Some time later they returned and said they had booked two weeks in a place called plakias on an island called Crete through the co op travel agency and sunmed, they even threw in a free taxi to bhx and back! We stayed in a place called pension paligremnos which was opposite where santa maria is now.
That was about late eightys i think and have been ther ever since!!

Whose story is next?


In our case, we were holidaying near Rethymnon and had never heard of Plakias. One chap at the hotel was only there by chance - he had been at the Alianthos but his wife was taken ill and admitted to the hospital at Rethymnon. While chatting he suggested we visit Plakias. We had a hire car for just one day (money was tight) so after driving to several places first, it was around 3pm by the time we reached Plakias's Far End. It was just about our first time on a naturist beach but we instantly fell in love with the beach and, later in the day with Plakias as a resort. By the end of the day we knew where we would be staying the following year! So glad to be returning this year after missing out last year.

Alex&fran G:
Fran and I were looking for somewher quiet we asked a friend who recomended Plakias ,Margaret and Ian have been going for about 18 years so we decided to go with them at the end of the fortnight I said to Fran Well I really enjoyed it but I dont think I could come here every year, since then we have never been anywhere else. Regards  Alex

In 2000 from the roadside viewing point above town just outside of Sellia, thought "have to go there, it looks bloody marvalous".
It was our first foreign holiday as a family, my wife had practically told me she was going to go it alone if I did not pull my finger out and book a holiday in the sun. We ended up doing a week in Ayia Galini, total greek island virgins with a 15 and 12 year old in tow.
We hired a car for three days in the middle of the week and just drove, luck took us towards Plakias, total fluke. The week we got back to blighty I went into a travel agent and said "I want to go here, Plakias, how can I do it?" Ended up going with First Choice to CC's. Been three times now, with Corfu, Cyprus and Samos in between.


I've always been one to avoid the crowds and the obvious resorts, ie mention Crete and people will say Ag Nic or Malia, or Rhodes and its Faliraki etc etc... Sorry guys these places are not for me. I go abroad to see and feel a foreign country.
I've tried a lot of the, as they were then, remoter islands, just to find some authenticity, then good old SunMed, bless 'em, included Plakias. This looked good to me! A bit mor

sorry about that... I had an error message come up when I hit the preview button, maybe that had something to do with it  g g...


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