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Plakias / Plakias , where the summer never ends
« on: August 29, 2005, 03:14:37 AM »

I love Hellas, but I do not want it full of gentile old English ladies playing bridge!

I do intend to live in Plakias with my family (all young) we will speak Greek and live like the Cretans....I do not want an Anglified Crete ...just full of English people who eat drink and sleep together (ask Sean Dammer of Symi who fought with the Cretan resistance, and now observes the "new" type of Greek lover on that island......I am of the old guard...Paddy Leigh Fermor, Durrell, Aeschylus...I live for the "megali idea"...hence my name.....farewell friend..

I know Plakias very well lived there for 11 years. Because of my work I moved to Rethymno. I would like to recommend Plakias here for overwintering holidays. There a many sunny days on the south of Crete and untill December you may encounter the beach for swimming and sunning. The place is less crowded of course, but because the locals live there and are not moving back to the cities in the winter, there is also some nightlife with taverns and bars that stay open. Accommodations, with heathing are available, like Anna's and Koules and Zambia. Also Morpheas or many other places that can help you with good rates for longer periods. Than from Januari when spring is making the country like a postcard you

can make beautiful walks in the area. See the farmers, collecting their olives, maybe give them a hand and get some oil for your help. If you have no job obligations, why not change your rainy or cold place for a few months in Spring on Crete and come to Plakias, where the summer never ends.
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Gossip / A Place In Greece
« on: April 05, 2005, 01:29:03 PM »
One of the things I find amazing are people who have moved to Crete (not just Plakias and not just British) who do not like the Greeks.  Makes you wonder why they don't just stay in their own countries!!  On the subject of where to find land etc, I will try and get a list together of agents from some friends who are busy looking at the moment.
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This is true,  why anyone would want to stay in Greece who hates the Greeks is beyond my comprehension, maybe they should consider Spain or France.  Or perhaps they are the type of people who want to make a cheap buck out of the Greeks for living in their country.  I think this is the case- they want luxury accomodation but want a cheap price, Spain is now too expensive so these paracites have now focused on Greece.  Look at the chaos in Cyprus because some British people bought "bargains" only then to find out the land/house was originally owned by a Greek family - do they live on Mars?

I hope the majority of people who move to Crete will appreciate the people and Country, best to ignore property developers.

Gossip / A Place In Greece
« on: March 05, 2005, 12:04:27 AM »
Thanks for the link to the 'TV Boys' house, the views are spectacular however the
concrete pool base is a bit of an eyesore.  Whatever happened to the  couple who participated with them in the programme - anyone know?
  One worrying aspect of thier house design - no bar area... was this intentional?  Was is it a case of loads of queer but no beer..? (only joking!)
  Anyone who might be offended, I do apologise...

Gossip / A Place In Greece
« on: January 18, 2005, 11:08:44 PM »

Sorry for the delay!  I did make a promise to try and view this site more frequently -Thanks for the pic of Daskaloyannis in Anopoli.  I have been wading through the Interkriti site and it has its good/bad points, in fact information overload.

I have noticed that the site has been quiet recently - any reasons that you can think of?

I will be in Plakias on June 28th @ 7pm (hopefully) If anyone is there I will be the one wearing obscure Greek/Cretan revolutionary designs on my T-shirts ie Ierou Lochou, Independence flag etc.

My beloved has stopped me having a tattoo of the twin headed eagle of Byzantium on my arm - basically saying I have reached the age where I am now regressing, perhaps she is right.  My colleagues at work state I should live there (Crete) this is something that we are considering.  I have had enough of IT, and living in England is now becoming virtually identical with America:- hypermarkets fast food, traffic and stress and leaders who should read more.

I know Crete is not as is was in the 60s but it is still beautiful.

Hale and farewell

Gossip / A Place In Greece
« on: December 21, 2004, 11:37:55 PM »
Dear, Compage and John & Zell,

Sorry to hear of all the ill feeling that has occured due to the misunderstanding of the '' Sandaraj '' issue.  Democracy was born in Greece and also free thought, I did hope that the majority of the contributors of this site were of the same mind- unfortunatly not.  I can only add that mutual understanding and tolerance is the only way that philhellenes and the rest of humanity can coexist peacefully.

   To conclude I leave you with a quote from Socrates.....
       '' I know nothing..'' .  

                        Kalinichta sas kai kalo Kristoyenna

Plakias / Plakias in the 80s
« on: December 18, 2004, 01:05:50 AM »
PS: I think there is a lot of " Plakias Newbies" on this forum, (some may not think so); may be we are just old farts or shall I say veterans. I have tried before to catch up with some of the oldies, one (canadian) guy replied. He was there even before my first time (1975). Since the Junta fell in 1974, you would not get too many tourist before that period. Are you Greek ?
cheers Hopper
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Thanks for all the info, sorry for the delay - I am busy trying to earn enough to live in Hellas and raise my own twin eagled flag on a pole outside the house!

To your question am I Greek? .....Alas no, but the name I chose is one Cretans especially know about....in my choice of name I was trying to discern if anyone on this website was as much a lover of Greece as I was.

Truth be told I have a family and the plan is to live in Crete.  I am a Classics graduate of many moons, so I have a rudimentary knowledge of Ancient Greek, and I can converse in modern.   However, I belong to the old school of Patrick Leigh Fermor and Lawrence Durrell, and I would never dream of purchasing a holiday home like the scheme being promoted in Plakia.

I do not associate with the people who think this is a good idea....progress for progress sake is not a healthy situation.  The people of Plakia will not benefit from the disintegration of their village - only the greek investor or foreign tourist who sublets will have some satisfaction in their income, but to the total distruction of another Cretan village and the loss of more Cretan culture -which is worth more?

To finish, I have a friend who is half Scottish/Polish (what a mixture!)  who was in Crete during the Junta, he was stopped after curfew in Heraklion with (and you can guess what with) Ouzo, Beer and Whisky, he was held at gunpoint and asked what he was doing/going...a bit silly really when you are speaking to a 6ft 2 Scots Pole with bright red hair!, he replied  believe this or not " I have a thirst" ..needless to say (thankfully) they laughed and let him go...he now runs a pub in Islington...


I was last in Crete in 2003, I visited the grave of John Pendlebury in Souda, I then popped down to Plakias for the day....I shall be returning (with family) on the 28th June 2005 for two glorious weeks....and I will promise to view this site more frequently!

Plakias / Plakias in the 80s
« on: November 13, 2004, 12:27:59 AM »
Hello all,

I am new to the forum, but not Plakias!  I thought I would drop a line or two and gather some info re Plakia and intoduce myself a little bit.

I first arrived in Plakias in 1983..Myself and my friend Ian walked there from Rethymnon!....we then walked to Agia Galii via Spili, then got lost and ended up in Lasithi!

I last visited Plakias in 2002 as you may gather things had changed dramatically, however, it still had that dramatic beauty and lovely feeling of isolation, added to that most of the Cretans in Plakias come from Sphakian origins and they are renowned for their, shall we say indomitable spirit!

I remember the Youth Hostel being in Mirthios and there was little else but a couple of tavernas in Plakias, however, I did meet my first Greek Scorpion there - sleeping snugly in my boot.

Anyone else who remembers that Idyllic era please share your memories with me.

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