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Where to stay / Re: cyano hotel
« on: May 20, 2022, 02:31:34 PM »
was at cyano with manolis   last Sunday 15 to Thursday. morning
lovely people.
manolis of cyano said to me after breakfast    all plakias knows Roger the brother of Thomas murney is back in town
22 years since my closest friend died in crash near sisses returning to airport from the secret nest
now today im in beautiful Corinthia hotel str Georges bay Malta
just finished walk around the beach area
I miss souda bay   already

Plakias / Re: Ok, 2021, lets go !!
« on: October 25, 2021, 07:52:44 PM »
sorry to read that Susan k
my brother first discovered Plakias back in 1977
he was a regular from then till his tragic death   traveling to iraklion
from the secret nest  Plakias July 2000
I came over from tampa Florida may 2019. loved it at cyano hotel
first time with my partner , and my seventh visit since 2000
my brothers lovely memorial stone across from soudamare hotel
will always be there
my final visit was scheduled for 2020.   covid  intervened. no trip
was booked for late July this year but my partner got covid and suffered badly
so maybe next year
my last hurrah.  I'm 70 now and Plakias is a long haul from Tampa FL
a final yassas with those who knew and loved tom
so here's to seeing soda bay next spring

Plakias / Re: Ok, 2021, lets go !!
« on: August 16, 2021, 08:14:55 PM »
best of luck
my partner Josephine tested positive July 12
one week later I took her to ER in Tampa
12 hour stay they gave he the intravenous anti bodies blood infusion
she encouraged me to fly to Athens but in her condition I could not leave her
aegean allowed me one year to use the credit I have with them
cyano hotel are terrific people
I spoke with Zack z and let him know its postponed till 2022
my brothers stone at souda mare will wait for us
jo is recovering but no doubt she has the long Covid recovery
fatigue and cough
I have had five PCR negatives.  sore nose but feeling fine in crazy Florida

Forum and Website discussion / Re: Return to the UK - COVID & AIRPORT
« on: June 04, 2021, 01:56:04 AM »
thank you for the info. re Covid test at Plakias
I have to check if the 20 euro one is accepted by USA when we return to New York
hoping to be there July 23 rd at Plakias cyano hotel

best of luck guys
we are coming from Tampa Florida late july
delayed one year  to place a mythos on my late brothers memorial stone
overlooking souda on the bend near souda mare
we are told USA residents with proof of double jab are clear to travel
I've booked and paid for aegean Athens to chain
paid the fare allowing changes with no penalty
my partner is delta airline retiree and I have same non rev privilege
so we are listed jfk to Athens July 22
we are only 2 on stand by list   250 seats open as of today
I believe there is a rapid test on arrival at Athens airport
looking fwd to celebrating my 70th birthday august 4 at souda bay
I hope the travel goes smooth for all concerned

Plakias / Re: Ok, 2021, lets go !!
« on: February 02, 2021, 12:18:18 AM »
best of luck to you all
we live in hope to visit finikas again in the not too distant future
we were all set and for once I had paid a deposit to cyano hotel to get a discount for July 20
we spent a week there may 2019  my American partners first visit to Plakias
and were due to return July 2020 to remember my brothers sad demise on road to iraklion [sisses]  July 25 2000
with help from my brothers friends in the area  , we had a memorial stone installed overlooking souda bay
located close to souda mare hotel
obviously our plans were canceled and we hope to travel from Tampa Florida later this summer
we get our second jab 9 days away on feb 10th
then its hurry and wait for authorities to decide
we fly stand by because my partner is delta airline retiree.   so fingers xd we will all meet again
im a uk  expat with Canadian and USA citizenships
we managed to see my family new home on Canadas beautiful prince Edward island last sept
two week approved quarantine before we could stay at my sons home
hoping we can get there for my 70 th this august   
Canada getting tough on returns from many countries    usa included
I drove to PEI 4500 miles there and back 
not sure what Canada will say if I attempt to enter by road at Maine New Brunswick border
right now only talking about those flying in.    mandatory test 72 hours before entering Canada
then mandatory hotel quarantine for three days  including another test.  Canada pm says will cost minimum 2000
I cannot get a answer what happens when driving
topsy turvy world right now

PlakChat / Re: Geese
« on: June 15, 2020, 05:25:06 PM »
the goose is cooked

PlakChat / Re: The 2020 season
« on: June 15, 2020, 05:24:06 PM »
yes thanks frank and Julie
I was coming for July 25th memorial of my brothers fatality
enroute from plakias to iraklion
the pandemic has curtailed us traveling from Florida via Athens
loved cyano last may/June.
and don't recall when I last paid a deposit on hotel
after being expat for 44 years deposits are not in my dna
cyano sent a nice reply saying my deposit will be honoured whenever we can get there
hope for next spring
im also prohibited visiting my son and family at their new home on prince Edward island Canada
I'm Canadian citizen but not allowed to enter PEI under present rules
so im stuck in Tampa
but taking a road trip to Chicago this week
just received negative result for craved swab test
my second test
good luck to you all
I contact zak z and stellios kaoudis often
we were going to toast Thomas Murney at his stone overlooking souda July 25. 20 years to the day
I will get some mythos and metaxa
and imagine im there

Plakias / Re: Embrace Plakias while you can
« on: October 07, 2019, 07:04:14 PM »
things always change   cest la vie
but I agree Plakias is to be loved , not visited for nine years till late may this year
needed to introduce my Chicago lady to the place I first visited July 2001
to see the place man late brother Thomas Murney loved so dearly , he died in a auto fatality near iraklion
on his way home to Leicester July 2000
my friend Monika reineck from Berlin is in Plakias right now
we met July 2001 and keep in touch
will return next July24 next year 2020 ., it's a long journey from home in Tampa Florida
but its worth the long flight .
luckily we are non rev on delta  so its the journey from Athens we need to pay for
this year we took ferry and 3 nights in Santorini , I've been and only wanted to show it to Josephine
then ferry to iraklion fort two nights , my usual walk and respects to Nikos kazantzakis tomb
then had lunch drinks with the lawyer giorgis kopidakis near the court house
where I last saw him 2003
and that's where I finally got to meet Zack zurbakis who was a great friend to my brother and was driving him that fateful night
we have become very very close friends
he picked us up in iraklion and took us to cyano in Plakias
had a great week then transferred us to hersonnis where my relatives were visiting from Manchester
nothing like Plakias
so will make the journey next July  intend to leave a few open days because we are on stand by flights
then find a nice air bb near chania.  rent a car and show Josephine the badlands , I love that end of the island
then off to lovely Plakias July 24

Holiday Companies / Re: Olympic 2019
« on: June 26, 2019, 07:03:29 PM »
The app is called "Hangout on holiday" it is not just an Olympic app it covers loads of tour operators for many destinations.

thanks for this app , I will peruse it .
I was just in Plakias may 23 to June first
flew to Athens from ny ny , we live in Tampa FL and my partner used her passes from delta (retiree)
coming back to Plakias July 24 next year and intention is to take my yankee gal up to Manchester/leicester after Crete
so would need a one way from preferably Chania , that's where we will arrive from Athens inward journey
any suggestions. I have perused some travel sites and had moderate success with jet2 and tug
any advice would be appreciated
we will fly virgin Atlantic Manchester to Orlando ( using passes I hope)

Where to stay / cyano hotel
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:32:41 PM »
discovered cyano on the web and reserved 8 nights
may23 to 31st ,  were delighted
terrific room ,modern and extremely clean and well managed
angela and her crew terrific, lovely breakfast included and location suited us
we walked most places only took cabs twice , one up to myrhtios for dinner and to see sephi at his nature shop
he was on the boat 2001 when we spread some of my brothers ashes in souda bay July 25th
nice to see sephi looking well , and catch up on our lives
the other taxi was on our last night we went to the memorial stone at souda mare
we were joined by a family from Liverpool wo were at cyano
then a nice last night dinner at Gallini tavern
where we had visited earlier in week to give condolences to the family of my mate manolis
he also was on the boat in 2001 , I had many raki nights with him
so cyano is booked for july 2020

Plakias / Re: Slow painful death
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:20:04 PM »
well its been nine years since I last trod on the treasured area of Plakias
decided it was time to bring my yankee partner Josephine from our casa in Tampa FL
she loved Plakias immediately , arrived at hotel cyano 3-30 pm
unpacked swiftly and then walked to my brothers memorial stone overlooking souda bay
it is positioned just west of soda mare hotel
we left a mythos on the stone , my brother Thomas Murney perished July 25 th2000 in a traffic fatality near sisses
he was with his friend and taxi driver Zak zourpakis
Zak picked us up at our iraklion hotel and we hugged as usual, then took us to cyano Plakias
there was a trial in iraklion may 2003 , rightfully Zak was cleared of any fault ,
he has become a friend and has driven me several times .
my friend stellios kaoudis without whom we would not have this inspiring stone memorial
knew I was in town while walking his dog he spotted the mythos
he visited us at cyano which he had not seen , seems his relatives have a stake in the property
I will post about cyano on hotel section, we were very pleased and have paid 30%deposit for 24 July 2020 , 20 years since the catastrophe
sorry the post is long, I'm avoiding the Tampa FL intense heat
I met many old friends of Thomas , they know me from several visits 2001-2010
had a great journey flying via New York to Athens .one night in rafina,then 8 hours ferry to Santorini
had 3 nights there before ferry and two nights in iraklion
managed to find the lawyer whom I last saw may 2003 at the trial,
paid my usual respects to Nikos kazantzakis , always visit his tomb when im in iraklion
so Plakias was marvelous , finally met Joe at his sports bar , he knew tom very well
so here's to next July and a full week at cyano , coming via Chania this time , rent a car and show jo the east of Crete

Plakias / Re: Taxis and return to Plakias
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:51:53 PM »

Had pleasant and interesting conversation with Zak from Heraklion - Plakias and return. Nice chap. Bang on time and would recommend on that basis. Do our own thing these days and better than the 'interesting' Olympic magical mystery tour

Had many rides with zak, he's a long time friend of my family
We are in touch via Facebook
I'll be there next spring from Tampa to finikas

Plakias / Remembering Thomas Joshua Murney 15 years on
« on: July 25, 2015, 02:54:41 PM »
Thomas j Murney
Born manchester England AUGUST 1943

Died tragically in auto taxi catastrophe JULY 25th 2000 sissis close to iraklion

Tom had had is usual three weeks in his beloved plakias ,
Which he discovered in 1978 when taking the local bus down from rethmynon

He was a regular for over 20 years and made several trips out of season also

He had many many friends who he even saw the children turn into adults,

The secret nest was his spot for years and Tom saw Michael build the souda mare hotel
Several people who are regulars know the stone That overlooks souda bay very close to the hotel  on the bay side as you head west from the hotel
I have sat in the galini tavern and I see the stone bright with the Suns reflection

I will contact stellios kaoudis this morning. I'm 7 hours behind plakias here in tampa florida
It's 15 years today that toms friend zak zurbakis of taxi for you picked Tom up from his farewell meal at the nest. They were in a bizarre accident which was no fault of zak , but he carries the hurt of seeing thomas die so dramatically in front of zak. I went to the trial of the two vechils in May 2003 in iraklion.   Zak drove me to his uncle Michael hotel after the trial. We are firm friends. , he had just lost his young wife Kelly , she knew Tom well , and I had just had my mums funeral in England too. My father died soon after Tomas with a broken heart.  Fate is ironic as we chatted for the first time.
Zak was too fragile in his heart to meet me on my first visit in July 2001 one year to the day
Turned out that zaks wife and my mother ALMA were cremated on same day and hour one hundred miles apart in England
Several locals and visitors friends of thomas joined us july 25 on the preveli ferry
Leftiros the skipper took our band of Tom mates into souda bay at dusk
Wow it's so much more dramatic bouncing around ,looking up at those mountains up above selia
We cried ,sang songs. The manchester rambler.  Dirty old town. Manchester United calypso  the red flag. Then Peter who was married to Riety. Did  the poem by Dylan Thomas. "Do not go gently into that good night". Not a dry eye on that boat   We consumed good local raki manolis brought aboard
He left us recently , may he rest in peace ,I remember all who were on board  , and they became friends to me , my heart was broken because Tom was more than just my brother hex was 8 years older and taught me many things. We were extremely close , we had peter a linguist who speaks greek with a cretan accent also. He explained the poems and socialist songs. It was vey emotional and even a little surreal as the skipper fought the winds , they held me over the stern and I scattered some of toms ashes. I saw them swoosh quickly into the sea of Libya

I'm up now after breakfast  slight hangover from metaxa last night. Toast toms memory
Hope theres s mythos on his stone there usually is one there
I've not been for 5 years. It's a long way from florida and circumstance have changed.
Not sure if ill ever get back but part of my heart and soul is cemented into Kriti
Stellios was terrific arranging the stone mason in rethmynon and installing
My wife at the time. A usa lady came to plakias twice. She too loved it
We divorced but still great friends. We talked about coming over next July/August for my 65 th
Sadly she died suddenly of a brain annurusm at 56 years of age this March
So here's to thomas a man who loved Kriti and Kriti loved him

I will phone stellios in a few minutes.   Yammas to you all roger MURNEY tampa fl usa

Plakias / searching for hotel apt info
« on: June 21, 2010, 07:32:24 PM »
cheers  george
think thats the one
like you said  little  info   re   email     website etc etc

think   I  will phone my good friend stellios kaoudis

hes  always a great help to me

thxs  very much


Quote from: George

Try hat one Red  
There's not a lot of info or contact numbers, so how one books it is anyone's guess, but is that the one?

Sorry Roger, bad link. Try this one:


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