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Where to stay / cyano hotel
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:32:41 PM »
discovered cyano on the web and reserved 8 nights
may23 to 31st ,  were delighted
terrific room ,modern and extremely clean and well managed
angela and her crew terrific, lovely breakfast included and location suited us
we walked most places only took cabs twice , one up to myrhtios for dinner and to see sephi at his nature shop
he was on the boat 2001 when we spread some of my brothers ashes in souda bay July 25th
nice to see sephi looking well , and catch up on our lives
the other taxi was on our last night we went to the memorial stone at souda mare
we were joined by a family from Liverpool wo were at cyano
then a nice last night dinner at Gallini tavern
where we had visited earlier in week to give condolences to the family of my mate manolis
he also was on the boat in 2001 , I had many raki nights with him
so cyano is booked for july 2020

Plakias / Remembering Thomas Joshua Murney 15 years on
« on: July 25, 2015, 02:54:41 PM »
Thomas j Murney
Born manchester England AUGUST 1943

Died tragically in auto taxi catastrophe JULY 25th 2000 sissis close to iraklion

Tom had had is usual three weeks in his beloved plakias ,
Which he discovered in 1978 when taking the local bus down from rethmynon

He was a regular for over 20 years and made several trips out of season also

He had many many friends who he even saw the children turn into adults,

The secret nest was his spot for years and Tom saw Michael build the souda mare hotel
Several people who are regulars know the stone That overlooks souda bay very close to the hotel  on the bay side as you head west from the hotel
I have sat in the galini tavern and I see the stone bright with the Suns reflection

I will contact stellios kaoudis this morning. I'm 7 hours behind plakias here in tampa florida
It's 15 years today that toms friend zak zurbakis of taxi for you picked Tom up from his farewell meal at the nest. They were in a bizarre accident which was no fault of zak , but he carries the hurt of seeing thomas die so dramatically in front of zak. I went to the trial of the two vechils in May 2003 in iraklion.   Zak drove me to his uncle Michael hotel after the trial. We are firm friends. , he had just lost his young wife Kelly , she knew Tom well , and I had just had my mums funeral in England too. My father died soon after Tomas with a broken heart.  Fate is ironic as we chatted for the first time.
Zak was too fragile in his heart to meet me on my first visit in July 2001 one year to the day
Turned out that zaks wife and my mother ALMA were cremated on same day and hour one hundred miles apart in England
Several locals and visitors friends of thomas joined us july 25 on the preveli ferry
Leftiros the skipper took our band of Tom mates into souda bay at dusk
Wow it's so much more dramatic bouncing around ,looking up at those mountains up above selia
We cried ,sang songs. The manchester rambler.  Dirty old town. Manchester United calypso  the red flag. Then Peter who was married to Riety. Did  the poem by Dylan Thomas. "Do not go gently into that good night". Not a dry eye on that boat   We consumed good local raki manolis brought aboard
He left us recently , may he rest in peace ,I remember all who were on board  , and they became friends to me , my heart was broken because Tom was more than just my brother hex was 8 years older and taught me many things. We were extremely close , we had peter a linguist who speaks greek with a cretan accent also. He explained the poems and socialist songs. It was vey emotional and even a little surreal as the skipper fought the winds , they held me over the stern and I scattered some of toms ashes. I saw them swoosh quickly into the sea of Libya

I'm up now after breakfast  slight hangover from metaxa last night. Toast toms memory
Hope theres s mythos on his stone there usually is one there
I've not been for 5 years. It's a long way from florida and circumstance have changed.
Not sure if ill ever get back but part of my heart and soul is cemented into Kriti
Stellios was terrific arranging the stone mason in rethmynon and installing
My wife at the time. A usa lady came to plakias twice. She too loved it
We divorced but still great friends. We talked about coming over next July/August for my 65 th
Sadly she died suddenly of a brain annurusm at 56 years of age this March
So here's to thomas a man who loved Kriti and Kriti loved him

I will phone stellios in a few minutes.   Yammas to you all roger MURNEY tampa fl usa

Plakias / searching for hotel apt info
« on: June 21, 2010, 02:42:48 PM »
Hi   to  all you plakias lovers.

have visited several times    since 2000

we are  coming  end of july to  commemorate  my brothers passing on crete july 25th 2000

My  2  friends one from england and one from usa  would like a pool with the hotel apt

2 /3 years ago we stopped and chatted with christina  ,she has a nice place close to souda bay with a pool

she also knew my  brother  thomas.

we would like to contact  her      ,  is   it  called  SOUDA BAY APARTMENTS

and  is near the   junction where the road goes up to selia

will arr july  18th after  3 weeks in s africa at world cup

hope some kind  plakian  lover can help us in this search

cheers  roger murney  naples florida

PlakChat / where is that red devil harribobs
« on: May 24, 2009, 05:25:27 AM »

hey up Chris

are you hiding  in roma with  the hordes of red devisions.

stuck here in sunny florida

no idea  when I  will see kriti again.

hope my brothers   rock memorial at souda mare   is  looking   just fine.

its 10  years  since we  took over  BARCELONA   and what  a party we had

9  years  since  Tom  had his  catastrophe on his beloved  island

regards  roger


Plakias / hello from Canada
« on: April 01, 2006, 03:57:57 PM »
Hi  guys
sorry its been soooooooo long since I posted.

hectic life travelling here thereand everywhere since
I married last april 9th in las vegas.

have spent nine weeks in my future home of naples florida
since last october.

I  really like naples but I LOVE  souda bay  to the west of plakias.

my american bride  Jules and myself had a lovely drive from hania
to souda, we came  via  selia, to show her the view.

had a lovely week , it was 5 years exactly since my brother Thomas
was tragically lost to us while he journeyed from
the secret nest  to  Iraklion.

Julie and myself laid a memory of Tom on the sisses road where the
catostrophe occured
With the  marvellous help of Toms friends in the area we arranged for a
touching stone memorial which overlooks  souda bay.

it is just metres west of souda mare hotel.

if you are passing take a few minutes to sit and toast

you can sit on the stone ledge and even leave  mythos in place.

all the best

Roger Murney   Toronto  Canada

soon to be  us resident in Naples florida

but will always think of  SOUDA.

will  ask captain when we are close to  the enchanted isle.

my best wishes
to all at souda mare hotel, gallini tavern, secret nest, etc etc

Zak  I am sorry that we missed each other last July
hope you and Nicholas are well.

Stellios  Kaoudis will phone you in next week

cheers   red d

PlakChat / back from souda to sunny toronto
« on: July 12, 2004, 11:28:24 PM »

Hi Guys
had a good   11  nights in crete.
had to spend first night in Iraklion ,for a business meeting.

after a hectic 7 day cruise from barcelona and back ,
really enjojed souda mare  hotel. and sunshine pub.

was lovely to see all my brothers old mates from last 25 years.

had a couple of top nights'
first the semi final and then greece winning it all.

watched the game in SMYRNA   BAR then finished off in ostraco.

was nearly dawn when I stumbled back to souda.

arranged for my brothers memorial stone to be carved by
a rethmynon stone mason. hope to have it placed overlooking souda this year.

 had a graet day in the mountains with stellios kouda,
he showed me lots of out of the way places, and was instrumental
in arranging for this stone carved memorial.  thanks Stellios.

btw  avoid rethmynon in the near future
USA are taking over track area at university for their team

will be security nightmare

all the best

If you are reading Zak , hope alls well .

cheers   yammas   Roger  Murney

Holiday Companies / one way fares from crete to gatwick
« on: January 07, 2004, 01:54:45 AM »
Hi forumistas
well off to plakias again this june.
flying over the pond to gatwick from toronto.

then one way to barca

cruise royal caribbean eventually  get off in malta GC

for a couple of weeks

need to get to gatwick on july 10,11

can you buy one ways while in  kriti
or should I buy return and only use the return leg.

looking fwd to seeing dear mates again
hard to believe its 4 years this july that my brother never
made it home from his beloved plakias

cheers roger murney  toronto canada

PlakChat / crete on a half shell
« on: May 03, 2003, 06:31:11 PM »
Having heard the author  Byron Ananoglu talk on radio about his exploits in Kriti,
I have started to read his  "CRETE ON  A HALF SHELL"
he mentions Plakias and souda  several times.
Really a hilarious read.
I am flying to Athens on may16 Then following in Zorbas footprints via ferry.
Will be in iraklion till the hearing is completed,regarding my brothers accidental death
while en route from plakias in july 2000.
Then I WILL JOURNEY to Plakias and souda.
My brothers ashes were spread on souda bay july 2001 with many local friends present.
my parents have both passed quickly since the tragic loss
and I WILL REUNITE THEM with Thomas on souda bay.
and toast fond memories with fine Friends and Raki

will be in plakias hopefully for a full week 21-27 may

decided to see santorini on the journey home.

but the book is a must read,I am trying to contact Byron

will update you

regards to all  Roger Murney

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