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PlakChat / The train!!!!!
« on: May 25, 2003, 01:55:29 PM »
Kalimera  -  with regard to the Plakias train I should like to comment as follows.    Usually I would say that a "resort" train may be the most naff way to travel.   However, suspend your belief on all other trains and please believe that the Plakias train is very special.    Perhaps you wish to take a trip to Mirthios in the evening, to experience a wonderful dinner at Frederikos, and then a superb trip downhill to Plakias by train ..... thoroughly to be recommended!    Perhaps a trip to parts of Crete quite local to Plakias, but inaccessible to those on foot - then take the train.    I have experienced so many wonderful days like this - an experience for all the senses - always expertly organised by Marianne - who knows so much about this truly heavenly part of the world.     Let nobody think that the Plakias "train" is like any other, because one must experience this before criticising.  Long live the train.


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