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Holiday Companies / From Heraklion Airport to Plakias by bus
« on: May 16, 2008, 08:18:19 PM »
The end of this month my son wants to travel to Plakias and because he arrives early in the morning at Heraklion airport, he wants to do the transfer to Rethymno and Plakias by busses. But it's so confusing with two bus stations.

Last year I did the same and took the first bus from the airport which came along to Heraklion city, I guess bus no: 1 or 78. Is there a difference? I told the driver that I wanted to go to Rethymno by bus and he dropped me somewhere in the city, I have no idea where exactly and started to walk and asked for the bus station. I think that I ended up at bus station A, nearby the harbor. From that station there was no bus to Rethymno, but after 15 minutes somebody could tell me that the bus was just passing by outside the station. That was at a major crossing, with a fly-over in the shape of a nice arch.

Is there somebody who recognizes this? But still are the two most important questions, if you take the bus from the airport to Heraklion, and you stay until the bus station, do you always end up at bus station A, nearby the harbor? Is that the wrong bus station for busses to Rethymno, but that bus passes along like I described?
Does somebody have a good description for the easiest way to connect from the airport bus to the Rethymno bus?

Kind regards,


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