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Plakias / The last two years.
« Last post by Davos on March 14, 2022, 11:49:12 AM »
Hi all.
Any good or bad changes to Plakias in the last 18 months. I will be there later this year, and just wondering about the Beached, Bars, Tavernas and Buildings?
PlakChat / Re: Webcams
« Last post by IngridP on January 28, 2022, 12:10:02 AM »
It would have been nice to see what Sfakia was like but none of the cams has worked for months, Probably have a drive up there  look  https://nicelocal.com/new-york-city/stores/type/swimsuits/
PlakChat / Re: Sun warning
« Last post by IngridP on January 28, 2022, 12:06:53 AM »
While chatting to a nurse specialist today, I mentioned Sunscreen, assuring her I always used factor 50. She then reminded me that almost all sunscreens have a shelf life - which she finds many patients are surprised by.  Look https://nicelocal.com/new-york-city/night_clubs/type/jazz_club/
PlakChat / Re: Oo look what I found !!!
« Last post by IngridP on January 28, 2022, 12:04:13 AM »
However there is a proposal to set up a large development just down the coast, which might wreck the whole area. You might want to have a look at  https://nicelocal.com/new-york-city/entertainment/type/play_area/
Where to go / Re: Agios Nikolaos, Peloponnese
« Last post by IngridP on January 28, 2022, 12:02:03 AM »
Each time we visit Stoupa, we always, and at least twice, visit Agios Nikolias for lunch by the beautiful little harbour.
Plakias / Re: Plakias weather today
« Last post by JBMouse on January 26, 2022, 04:00:05 PM »
Try Facebook, search for 'Nikos Plakias Ontherocks' and that great chap Nikos posts photos and videos of his comings and goings in and around Plakias. Yesterday it was about the snow in Selia.
Don't know if I should laugh or cry at the scenes of Plakias!
Plakias / Re: Plakias weather today
« Last post by FelixB_ on January 26, 2022, 01:02:00 PM »
Almost real time information on the weather situation in Plakias from the official weather station on top of the mayor's office (Ouranos Appartments):

Best forecast:

Greetings to all "Plakiaholics" ;)

Plakias / Re: Plakias weather today
« Last post by JBMouse on January 13, 2022, 03:14:23 PM »
That's the problem with not having the webcams working, can't see what we are missing in Plakias!
Plakias / Plakias weather today
« Last post by Daniel on January 12, 2022, 06:24:36 PM »
Plakias weather.

Anyone currently in Plakias in January ?

One weather report is saying 71.4 mm of rain in the last 24 hours.

That's almost 3 inches in old money !!

Any flooding or dammage caused by this ?
Plakias / Re: Ok, 2021, lets go !!
« Last post by Richard on December 19, 2021, 08:33:54 PM »
We were in Plakias in September, having not been for two years and we were surprised at just how busy it was compared to 2019. Plakias is not the small village we first visited in 1995 and has now become a small resort. We always used to eat in the paligremnos at lunchtime and even that wasn?t up to its usual standard. The olives were so small in the Greek salary that there was no meat on them. At the start of the second week we had our usual saganaki and it had been deep fried rather than pan fried. It was so greasy we left it, not something we ever do 🤢
Sadly, we have taken the decision to not go back and now we just need to find something a bit smaller and not so busy. Any suggestions are very welcome 😕

I first went in 1995 also, and, having visited at least once a year since 2002, only really noticed the changes this year, somehow - changes were slow, nothing sudden, I suppose. The place ?felt different?, though, last year and this, and what stood out for me was that:

(i) it really isn?t ?the end of the road? any more - the tarmac road stopped just beyond what is now the harbour in ?95 (though it was clearly a work in progress), and I drove what felt like miles to the west, well beyond Souda, this year, to Rodakino and beyond

(ii) I felt that a general decision had been taken not to use even the basic Greek greetings and farewells in many the Tavernas, although perhaps that was just my experience. Maybe the arrival of the new hotel, if I?m correct?

(iii) the old Monastery above Souda, after a brief spell of rebuilding in ?07, was suddenly much more developed, not the ?hidden gem? I walked to many times

I wonder about Souda for next year. All it would need is a small shop to be self-contained, though I suppose that might be the beginning of the end there also!
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