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PlakChat / Re: Hospital?
« Last post by IngridP on June 05, 2022, 08:40:27 PM »
As regards to the road this has been planned for a while now, to widen cheese market near me the narrow part just before Koxare as two lorries struggle to pass each other
Where to stay / Re: cyano hotel
« Last post by reddiablo on May 20, 2022, 02:31:34 PM »
was at cyano with manolis   last Sunday 15 to Thursday. morning
lovely people.
manolis of cyano said to me after breakfast    all plakias knows Roger the brother of Thomas murney is back in town
22 years since my closest friend died in crash near sisses returning to airport from the secret nest
now today im in beautiful Corinthia hotel str Georges bay Malta
just finished walk around the beach area
I miss souda bay   already
Plakias / Youtube
« Last post by JBMouse on May 17, 2022, 11:46:49 PM »
Further ways to get regular fixes of Plakias are on YouTube, one link here from a chap who films all over Crete, with this being last Sunday in Plakias.
Plakias / Re: Webcam
« Last post by Barny on May 17, 2022, 09:51:23 PM »
Oh Yes!!
Plakias / Webcam
« Last post by JBMouse on May 17, 2022, 05:11:20 PM »
Woohoo, the webcam is back up and running, someone say thanks to Dionysus at the Livikon, daily fix of Plakias is now possible again.
Plakias / Re: Save Paligremnos Cliff
« Last post by shinaria on May 16, 2022, 09:25:25 AM »
"On May 15, 2022 about 800 people gather around the PALIGREMNOS rock, forming a huge line of protest and stating their concern of destruction of a natural habitat. The movement is largely supported by petitions and declarations, against the building of a hotel on the sacred nature monument of Paligremnos, a symbol of the municipity of PLAKIAS in South Crete.
So far untouched, now even here investors try to gain grounds."

Plakias / Re: Save Paligremnos Cliff
« Last post by shinaria on May 14, 2022, 03:16:46 PM »
In the last few days we have been watching in shock as earthmoving machines irreparably damage the emblematic landmark of Plakias, Paligremnos, in order to build a hotel. An investment that since 2019, when it became known, has been opposed by the local community, the local commercial and professional associations, the local government, the Technical Chamber and the Architects' Association of Rethymnon, as well as the Museum of Natural History of the University of Crete and the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture.
The impressive Paligremnos with its vertical, mirror-like surface, which shows a lot of geological and tectonic evidence of the formation of the fault that continues underwater, attracts not only a large number of tourists, but also students of geological schools, climbers and divers from all over the world.

This site, up to the tip of the peninsula, is one of the most important geological sites in Crete, and has been included in the Atlas of Geological Monuments of the Aegean, and in the guide to geology in Crete. In addition, it is of great historical and cultural importance as it is associated with mining activities and historical events in the wider region, and has remarkable ecological characteristics.

This character and the value of Paligremnos is underlined and legislated by the SPHOP of the district of Finikas, which has not yet been established, as well as by many studies, texts and recommendations from a number of institutions such as the Museum of Natural History, the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Association of Architects of Rethymnon, etc., which propose the declaration of Paligremnos as a protected landscape-monument.

The state, which according to the Constitution has the obligation to take special care of the preventive and repressive measures within the framework of the principle of sustainability, in this particular case has failed to take care. The massive opposition of local stakeholders and the negative opinions on the project did not deter anyone, the negative opinion of the Council of Architecture of the P.E. Rethymnon was overridden by the positive opinion of the central Council of Architecture in Athens.

The message of the state once again is clear: Nature, monuments, cultural heritage, everything is offered as a gift to investors. According to the negative report of the Museum of Natural History on the location of the investment, the underground structures and the accompanying works, apart from altering the image of the area, will contribute to the erosion of the slopes and sooner or later will require works to shore up the rocks and protect the area from possible collapses with
resulting in further damage to the landscape and the value of the geological monument.

From the Municipality of Ag. Vassiliou, an effort is being made to stop even now the hubris and crime that is taking place in the area.

According to Article 24 of the Greek Constitution, the protection of the natural and cultural environment is an obligation and right of everyone. We have an obligation and a right to defend Paligremno now, when it needs us all. A long and difficult struggle begins. On Sunday 15-5-22 all the roads of Crete lead to Plakias to build an embrace and shield of protection for this unique place. At 11am, let us all be there to declare our decision to defend Paligremno.

Plakias / Re: Car Hire
« Last post by JBMouse on May 12, 2022, 02:19:26 PM »
If you go for a taxi, do try Zak at taxi4you.gr although you probably already know all about it!
Plakias / Re: Car Hire
« Last post by DandC on May 12, 2022, 10:21:58 AM »
(my post I referred to is in the 'last 2 years thread!)
Plakias / Re: Car Hire
« Last post by DandC on May 12, 2022, 10:20:06 AM »
Hi - also recommend Moto Auto Plakias highly - see my post Mar 21 below. We go to Plakias again Jun 5 and have booked with them again.
Would recommend picking up their car at airport though - a taxi transfer will cost a fortune!! Just pick up car at airport and pop into the office in Plak the next day to pay - no hassle at airport like other companies!!
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