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Plakias / Re: Changes over the past few years
« Last post by Richard on June 13, 2023, 12:37:48 PM »
The whole front is being pedestrianised in the evening apparently - the sea front pavement is being widened in preparation.

The new (ish) pavement has had short lengths of plastic pipe sticking up out of it, all the way to Souda. I'd assumed that these were conduits for lights and this is also planned, though given they've been there a couple of years at least, who knows! I'm an amateur astronomer, and one of the appeals of south Crete is (was) the pristine, dark skies. I could still see the Milky Way from the Souda road, above the harbour, last week but less clearly than in previous years.

Plakias was always a resort, since my first visit in the early 90s, but still felt different to other Greek/Cretan resorts, in that some Cretan character had been retained. In about 2020, I noticed that most tavernas stopped using Greek greetings and farewells, instead using English. This seemed quite clear-cut, to me at least, as if a decision had been made to do so. Perhaps with the arrival of the new hotel by Paligremnos?

I don't feel like I'm 'getting away from it all' by going there, as I did 25 years ago. This has its uses, since I'm semi-retired now, can stay longer  and do some work there if needed.

In general, I feel that the recent changes seem to cater for a different kind of visitor than in the past, one who is going less to see Crete and more looking for a generic sunny resort. I know that change is inevitable, but I miss the 'old Plakias'.
Plakias / Re: Changes over the past few years
« Last post by JBMouse on May 21, 2023, 05:40:49 PM »
Check Youtube for various videos, the latest is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OnFdRWbUEM
This shows the major changes to the seafront road up to the bridge. This is a major change, don't know yet where the taxi rank is, nor how or where the buses will stop and turn. I bet The Livikon is not too pleased with all the work going on in front of them!
Haven't been to Plakias since October 2019, would love to go back and see all the friends there, but other things are conspiring against me that will probably halt my Greek travels, I will have to rely upon Youtube videos from now on.
Plakias / Changes over the past few years
« Last post by Andrew on May 14, 2023, 12:21:01 PM »
My last visit to Plakias was in June 2019, where I had a lovely trip that went pretty well.
In simple terms what has changed since then and over the last four years. I understand that there has been some development of properties that are set back from the main coast road through the village (Somewhere near/behind Antoni's Place I believe)? Are there any updated photos that can be seen on this site?
Anything else that might have changed? There was talk of a ring road making the area pedestrianized so does that limit access by car to some places?
Any further information would be most welcome.
Thank you all.
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by Daniel on April 14, 2023, 06:22:25 PM »
He also added that the goal is for Plakias to be pedestrianized in the next tourist season, as then, as he said, the ring road will be completed while the municipality will have at its disposal two municipal parking spaces and a private one.

Is there a map/route plan for the Plakias by pass ?
Would be most interesting to see  how and how much of the town is planned to be pedestrianized .
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by DandC on April 14, 2023, 10:15:24 AM »
Some detail from the TripAdvisor thread https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g319776-i11116-k14353405-Plakias_2023_roadworks-Plakias_Agios_Vasileios_Municipality_Rethymnon_Prefecture_Crete.html#117240838.

Interesting to hear of the plans for pedestrianisation and ringroad by next year.

For those that are interested this is what is being done to improve Plakias:

The major bioclimatic regeneration project concerning the tourist zone of Plakias is in full progress, which is progressing rapidly by the contractor and the continuous supervision of the municipality of Agios Vasilios.This is an intervention with a total length of 900 meters in the heart of the tourist settlement, designed to upgrade aesthetically and functionally the area of the south that attracts many visitors every summer.According to the mayor of Agios Vasilios, the sidewalks on the side of commercial enterprises and shops of sanitary interest from the entrance of Plakias to the bridge have already been completed, while now works are progressing on the sea side with the construction of sidewalks and bicycle paths. According to the schedule, as Mr. Tatarakis told the "R.N.", the works will be suspended on May 15-20 in order to avoid any disturbance during the tourist season. By then, as he underlined, the first part of the project will have been completed from the entrance of Plakias (Alianhtos Hotel up to the bridge) on both sides and there will be no dugouts, while until then, as he added, a piece will be worked on after the bridge and up to the junction for Souda on the sea side. At the same time, as he said, the project for the underground cables of HEDNO by May 20 will be completed at a rate of 75-80%, while the pending issues for autumn, when the project will restart, concern four closed-type transformers while the engraved asphalt will be pending. However, as the mayor pointed out, the project that will restart in mid-October will be completed and delivered on December 10, since as he said it is an NSRF project and there is no room for extensions." The works are in full swing and according to our schedule, they will continue until May 15-20.By then, all the ditches of HEDNO will have been restored, which will have completed most of the planned works (75-80%). I would like to thank very much HEDNO and its contractor Mr Papoutsakis for the progress of the works, which are progressing very quickly. Also, by then (mid-May) the sidewalks, bicycle paths and lighting fixtures will have been installed on the section from the entrance of Plakias to the bridge, While the contractor is proceeding at this time and after the bridge a piece on the sea side. On the sea side there will be sidewalks, planting, bicycle path, pedestrian path. All work stops around May 15-20 and will restart on October 15 to complete the project and deliver it later than December 10. Let us remind you that a flood protection project that is included in the bioclimatic regeneration has been completed", said Yiannis Tatarakis, pointing out that this project will transform the area by upgrading it aesthetically and functionally. He also added that the goal is for Plakias to be pedestrianized in the next tourist season, as then, as he said, the ring road will be completed while the municipality will have at its disposal two municipal parking spaces and a private one.
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by DandC on March 28, 2023, 12:24:45 PM »
Interesting to see Plakias in the off-season! Lot of work going on, that's for sure. Thanks for posting.
Hope it's tidied up by Jun 23rd ! :D
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by Davos on March 28, 2023, 10:51:44 AM »
Do you think the work will be completed for the summer? I return in June.
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by JBMouse on March 27, 2023, 04:36:30 PM »
If anyone wants to see the works nearing competion, check out this video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJfjFmSm6pk
Zameer Pactyan must live on Crete and has posted a large number of videos from all ove Crete with several of them from Plakias. Watch the whole video or fast forward to 21 minutes when he is just driving down the hill into Plakias from Lefkogia. If my link doesnt pass through scrutiny, just do a search for Zameer Pactyan. Nikos at On The Rocks (Nikos Plakias Ontherocks is his Facebook page) has also posted some videos of the new tarmac being laid outside his place, note the PPE being worn by all (not)!
Hopefully my health will improve and I can make it back to Plakias again soon, been missing it these last 3 years, and after 20 years of going there it has been been difficult being away for so long.
Plakias / Re: Seafront work
« Last post by Noggy on February 02, 2023, 08:37:52 AM »
That makes sense, thanks. Hope they put in bigger sewage pipes as well.
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