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Plakias / Thanks!
« on: August 25, 2004, 03:22:11 PM »
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you who spend time updating the webste and chat bit as we found it v.helpful when we paid our first visit to Plakias about 3 weeks ago!
We booked a last minute deal with First Choice and were more than a little dubious as the brochure was a little lacking on detail, however after reading all the info here we thought we were pretty clued up - and I can officially say you were of a lot more use than our so called rep!
We had a wonderful time, stayed at the Stella apartments, which whilst lovely and clean we did notice was more than a little noisy with the crickets in the olive trees (no one mentioned that?!)  though I'll be the first to admit that I'd rather listen to that, then a binch of lager louts!!  Also there were signs up encouraging people to book independently with Stella as 1st Choice were pulling out (our rep didn't shed much light on that one -  surprise, surprise!)
We loved Souda bay - really quiet and fab taverna - amazing calamare, and also Damoni (although it seemed a bit over run with a German hotel/holiday camp kind of place), the taverna there was also really good and we got to meet the DONUT MAN - new quote "extra sugar extra vitamiiiiiiins" - oh yes!
Food wise - lysessos was our favourite, really good food and nice staff although not the best of locations, the food does definately make up for it!  Also went to a fish restaurant around the corner from the harbour (as if you're walking towards Souda) can't remember the name I'm afraid but it did have a fab novelty boat wheel outside...excellent seafood pasta.  Also for a tasty gyros head to this tiny place (also forgotten the name) but if you walk over the bridge, you'll pass the Lysessos & the pizza restaurant (also very yummy, but busy) on your right, then its on your right just before a road turning on the right - lots of tables and chairs outside and lots of locals, so good the owner recognised us by the end of the week!!!haha!
Also for drinks, music etc we really liked the Forum bar above the supermarket, they've got really big pool tables (really cheap 6 euros for an hour) plus its air conditioned if you want to escape the heat for a bit, you'll probably feel more than a little outnumbered by the locals though!
We also made a trip up to the old mill and the chapel in the rock - be warned anyone that travels with First choice and is given a homemade map  - it is quite a long way, it's steep and it's really rocky towards the end - wear trainers (not flipflops-my mistake) and take some water!  the views worth it though, have a little climb and an explore.  The only disappointment being that the chapel was locked - oh well.
We had a fab time, it's so different to any other tourist resort that I've been to in Greece...we just hope it doesn't get too discovered and can keep its magic!

Where to eat...or not! / Good eating revival
« on: August 25, 2004, 02:57:14 PM »
Hello everyone!
First time I've written anything...but here goes.  We got back from our first trip to Plakias just over a week ago - and one of the most enjoyable parts was the food!
Evening meals wise - we had an excellent meal up in Myrthios (at the second taverna) where you go and choose your meal and then you can pile as much on as you like!!  Also the fab train ride on the Alianthos express makes it even better!!!
Also we loved the Lysessos restaurant (just past the bridge heading towards the harbour)  - really friendly staff and mouth-watering food.  They claim to change them every day, but most of them are then same(!)  however the lamb was amazing - strongly suggest going there!
And we had some fantastic lunches in Souda and Damoni - really lovely authentic tavernas, (we were the only English there on the Sunday-amazing), fresh seafood, huge portions, plenty of choice, great value - and it was lovely not to be rushed out of a restaurant when you've finished, you could spend all afternoon there as far as they were concerned!

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