How to add a photo to the Plakias Map
Submitted By: Ploppy Date: April 29, 2007, 08:48:23 PM Views: 1469

Start off my going to the Plakias Map.

Then click on My Maps:

Then click on the Create New Map link
Give the map a name.
Make it unlisted and then click Save:

Now to add a photo.
Click on the Add Placemark button:


Here I am placing it at Kastro:

Once you click to add on the map, give it a title. Then click on the Rich Text link and then click on the add Picture icon:

Type in the URL for the photo, i.e where it is located online:

Thats pretty much it.

If you want the picture to appear bigger you can do this by going to the Edit HTML link:

Now to get this placemark & photo included on the Plakias Map you will need to send me the Placemark file.

You can create this by clicking on the KML link at the top right:

Upon clicking this link you can save the file to your PC and then forward on to me by e-mail.

I can then add them into the master copy.

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